A Report On The Tunisian Government

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Historically, the Tunisian economy was based on traditional services such as trade, tourism, transport and manufacturing outsourcing like Textile, Clothing and automotive components. But the growth rate was not enough to improve the living standards and the resorption of unemployment. The perfect Solution at that time was a Readjustment Program which requires guidance of the economy for activities with high technology and intensive skills: ICTs.
The Tunisian government has positioned these technologies in solid of its development plan. Information and communication technologies are considered as a tool enabling for economic diversification and for the creation of new activities in all sectors. Tunisia was among the first African countries which make ICTs a key element in its national strategy.
Tunisia occupies the first rank in Africa and 38th out of a total of 134 countries in integrating ICTs in development. The first use was aimed to updating the telecommunication infrastructure across the country and to creating a digital economy which supports the private sector and encourages corporate competitiveness, also to developing human resources by the restructuring of education and research institutions and strengthening international cooperation and partnerships in the field of ICTs .
ICT has a vital role in the development of the economic growth of the country. As it has a significant contribution in the Gross Domestic Product of Tunisia (GDP).

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