A Report On The Underwater World

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I throw on all of my gear on my back and shuffle to the end of the boat to jump off into the deep ocean below. I hold my mask and regulator tight onto my face as I take the plunge. The underwater world takes on a new persona as its inhabitants are magnified through my goggles. Bubbles float up past my head as I slowly and deeply breathe through my regulator while keeping my body neutrally buoyant to prevent myself from touching the marine life below. My fins cut through the water as they attempt to propel me against the strong ocean current over large kelp forests. Fish of all shapes and sizes swim up to investigate who I am and what I am doing in their underwater world.
I was lucky enough during spring break to take part in an Open Water scuba diving course and receive my diving certification that allows me to dive anywhere in the world up to eighteen meters deep. Over the weekend, I headed down first to Rye Pier and then Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park in Victoria to give diving in the ocean a try after taking my first few breaths underwater in a local pool. We began with shore dives and proceeded to diving off a boat once we felt comfortable in the ocean. Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park was established in November of 2002 as marine conservation awareness became more prevalent in Victoria as well as throughout Australia. It is home to six marine areas (Swan Bay, Mud Islands, Point Lonsdale, and Point Nepean) along with the two dive sites that we explored:…

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