A Report On The United States Customs Enforcement Agency

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Jacob Bertuglia Prof. Keilholtz CRJ-110 March 4, 2017 A Report on the Current State of The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency And The US Secret Service 1. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. A. The mission of ICE is to enforce laws regarding the safety of the US such as immigration and customs laws, investigate and make necessary arrests in cases of the violation of these laws and if necessary, facilitate transfers of offenders to the custody of additional agencies depending on the nature of crimes. ICE operates in more than 47 countries with jurisdiction at all ports of entry (Airports, embassies, sea and land entries, checkpoints and shipping ports), around the world wherever US interests would dictate such…show more content…
2. US Secret Service A. The mission of the US Secret Service is to protect US political heads of state, such as the president, cabinet, their families, high ranking politicians and to investigate and combat counterfeiters of currencies, financial frauds which include but are not limited to: “…credit card fraud; telecommunications fraud; computer fraud, identify fraud and certain other crimes affecting federally insured financial institutions.” Additionally, and under Title 18, Section 3056, of the United States Code: I. They may execute warrants issued under any portion of US law. II. Make arrests without warrants for any offense committed in their presence, including but not limited to felonies. III. Offer and pay out rewards for any and all information leading to arrests of any person who has violated a law which the Secret Service has been charged with enforcing. IV. Investigations of fraudulent actions pertaining to forged identification documents of any type, fraudulent commercial interactions and institutions and involved parties, crimes related to counterfeiting mechanisms and machinery, crimes related to fraudulent foreign securities. V. Performance of other duties, actions and purposes authorized by law. Under the above code, a Secret Service agent is, for all
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