A Report On The West Carrollton Es Technical Solutions Facility

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Shortly after midnight on the morning of May 4, 2009, a tetrahydrafuran leak in the dirty solvent tanks at the Veolia ES Technical Solutions facility in West Carrollton, Ohio ignited causing an explosion that rocked the local community. The blast severely injured two employees, injured two more, and damaged numerous structures on site and in the community. The location of the personnel with respect to the operating plant is credited to the injuries the workers sustained while insufficient controls in the operating room and a lack of ability to reroute vapors prevented the operators from identifying and mitigating the release. Although the root cause of this event could not be determined, two probable causes surfaced. Either THF reacted to create peroxides that caused an overpressure or somehow oxygen was introduced to the system to react with the THF causing an overpressure as well. All in all, it can be determined that analyzing the potential hazards of personnel location with respect to the operating plant and more rigorous inspections of the plant floor could help prevent events like this from happening.


The West Carrollton site first began operation in 1979 as a solvent recovery plant. In 2006, it was acquired by Veolia Environmental Services North America and renamed Veolia ES Technical Solutions. Located seven miles southwest of Dayton, Ohio, the facility processed hazardous and non-hazardous waste for many customers in the…
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