A Report On The Work Of Distribution Sector

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TO- Emran Malik CEO From – Nukal Bansal CSO Subject – Detailed Memo regarding the improvement in the working of distribution sector. First of all I am thankful to you for choosing me as chief strategy officer of an enormous company that owns lines of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cleaning provisions and pet products. Proctor & Gamble is big brand name and I am really happy to be a part of it and pleased to head the distribution unit TB. Proctor & Gamble was founded by William Proctor and James Gamble in 1837 as a candle and soap maker company and since then the company has gone down in antiquity with many “firsts” for the business world and prolonged their company with large number of well-known brand names. The Proctor &…show more content…
The channel distributes the merchandise to the customer. The mediators add value to the merchandise as they use a lot of retailers and they have to keep reimbursing for delivery and that makes the price go up. The clients connect directly with the channel when they order their products on the internet or off the advertisements. The amount of P&G products varies. Products like Febreze and Crest are demanding, because P&G practices all suitable outlets to sell these products. They are retailed in Walmart, Targets, and hypermarkets. Products such as Gucci and Lacoste, however, are choosy because they are only sold in assured stores like department stores and their own stores as well. Wella Professionals have joined with P&G and are exclusive traders of their hair and skincare products. They are only sold within their own stores. Structure of distribution Transportation forms Procter and Gamble 's products are relatively minor household items but need to be stimulated to many places in large numbers. As many of the products are manufactured abroad their first mode of transportation is shipping on boats. The ships provided large quantities of carrying capacity with low cost, however boats are often caused by weather and cyclical delays which May deferral the shipping time. Then the products move to truck fleets where P&G have a contract with "Ryder" one of the chief shipping companies in the world. Trucks are relatively fast

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