A Report On The's Performance Indicators, Current Status Of Metrics

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Company Reports One of the first reports used is the Company Dashboard Report. This is a visual report displaying key performance indicators, current status of metrics, and can be tailored for a department’s metrics or the overall company metrics. The dashboard provides data for a specific measure of time (Rouse, 2016) versus a Scorecard, which provides it for a period of time. It is an important tool for any business looking for departmental information. The information from this report comes from within the company and provides a snapshot of where the company stands. The PharmaSim dashboard shows a snapshot of the overview of the company that includes revenue, gross margin, net income, and stock price. It also has a bar chart based on the department’s metrics. In this case, Allround’s performance is shown (Performance Summary Period 1, 2016). The last portion of the dashboard includes customer comments from social media. This allows for the department to see customer feedback on a real-time basis and make decisions to improve brand performance. The second report a company can utilize is the Performance Summary. This report measures the success of a company over a period of time (Performance Report, 2016). The example in the PharmaSim module shows the company’s overall summary for period 1 of the Allround brand and includes a summary of the decisions made. A snapshot of this information can help a company decide which decisions are making an impact on positive trending for

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