A Report On Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa

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Introduction A report on Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa, an award winning four-star Hotel, which has a Restaurant and a huge space used as ,Conference Centre, Wedding Venue and Spa. It is located for Merseyside, Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales. Its great success has been linked to a smooth Customer journey which has been mainly attributed to huge impact of Customer experience from good Customer care and Services. STAGES OF CUSTOMER JOURNEY What is Customer journey? A Customer journey is a detailed guide on the different stages of a Customer experience with an organization from the point of contact, till when the transaction…show more content…
USE This is the stage, that we finally say, the Customer, has made the decision to purchase and put to use. It is a point where the level of satisfaction received is being measured with value after purchase and there is a strong indication that the customer may develop great interest to come back after an excellent customer experience which is a great factor to a memorable experience SHARE This is another very important very important stage, which keeps the growth of the Business, in the sense that the level of satisfaction received will lead to positive feedbacks. This in most cases always lead to sharing the good experience with others, that may also bring more customers and a coming back as well from the initial Customer. On the other hand, if the experience is not a good one, it may have its own damaging impact on the organization. COMPLETE This is the completion of the journey, as it implies that the goals of meeting the expectation of the customer is achieved, he is being made to feel the care and satisfaction, positive feedback is received from the customer, and revenue is being generated from the transaction by the organization. CUSTOMER SERVICE This the summary of activities that goes on between a service/product provider and a customer from the

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