A Report On Tick Tock

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Tick-Tock 1 Every day brings a new surprise and this day sure brought a good one. The thing that I dealt 1with that day was something I never would imagine happening to me or anyone in a million years. I 2 was home with just my two brothers. It was an ordinary summer afternoon. The wind blowing, the 3birds tweeting. Not a problem in sight. Until I took a short nap and rose a few hours later. My eyes 4quickly opened to a vexatious sound. A continues ticking which messed with my head. Tick-tock 5tick-tock over and over again. I took a deep breath and calmed down for a second. Then, the 6monstrous noise hit me again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up off of the bed and intensely ran into 7my brother 's room. 8 “ Wade, Wade do you hear…show more content…
29“ KATIE!!!” Wade screeched. 30Ignoring Wade once again, I hustled down the stairs. I expeditiously left my house, slamming 31the door behind me. Out in my dad’s garage, I grabbed a hammer and then dumped the bag of 32watches out on the floor. I deathly gripped the hammer and smashed each watch one by one. After I 33had finished, I piled the watch scraps back in the bag and grabbed a shovel. I ran to the side of the 34house and dug a small hole where I buried each and every watch. After I was done, I returned my 35items and went back inside and I swear that the ticking went away for a few minutes, but the 36moments of glory didn’t last long. Suddenly, the deplorable sound started again. I cringed. I took a 37deep breath and thought for a second. Then, something in my kitchen caught my eye. A clock. 38How could I not know that a clock in the house was making the noise! Relief struck me like 39lightning, powerfully and quickly. I skedaddled and grabbed the clock I had originally spotted. After, 40I collected the few other clocks that hung in my house. Once more, I flew out the door to get the 41hammer. Just like before, I smashed each clock to its death. Just like you do to people, I buried the 42clocks right by the watches I earlier put in the ground. When I walked back, I had high- hopes that 43the ticking would be gone, but this time it didn’t even go away for a second! Right when I walked in 44the door tick-tock flew into my
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