A Report On Tigers Delight

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Zachary Oakley
Professor Krueger
ENG 201
3 February 2016

Tigers Delight The largest tiger in the world has been measured at over ten feet long and over six hundred and sixty pounds! Tigers are apart of the cat family and are known to be the largest feline in the bunch. Within just the tiger species there are nine different subspecies and three of which are already extinct. Their differences are not as drastic in appearance like other animals, such as dogs for example, but they still noticeable to the trained eye. All tiger subspecies are currently classified as being endangered but there are many actions being taken to help keep the current surviving species from going extinct. Most tigers in nature live to be ten to fifteen years old. Tigers by nature are carnivores and are only found in nature in one continent on earth, which is Asia. Unlike most cats tiger enjoy swimming and spend the majority of the hot summer days resting in rivers or lakes. “OneKind.org” is an animal relief organization and they explain that tiger’s roar can carry more than 2 km and they are most active hunters at night (OneKind). Knowing information about the six living subspecies of tigers and their differences, whether it be physical make up or social habits, and what organizations are out there and what they are doing to help the endangered species, is a brilliant start to having a well rounded knowledge of tigers.
Like all mammals tigers grow up, but what’s unique to tigers that is different
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