A Report On Tourism Market

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With the gradual increase of income and a substantial increase in the emphasis on tourism and leisure, and the residents ' demand for tourism travel is growing rapidly. The mobile Internet can ensure the website user use the online travel service anytime, anywhere, which greatly expand the online travel market space and become strong incentives of the online travel market. In recent years, the mobile terminals of online travel market grew rapidly, promoting capital enthusiasm and industry innovation, after a certain level of maturity, the mobile terminal will provide a solid foundation for the rapid development of the O2O tourism market.
First, holiday tourism market share has a substantial increase in the online travel market. Currently, ticket booking and hotel reservation service are the main revenue net business section for business tourism market. Flights market is more mature, because ticket is a higher homogenization tourism product, while airlines have already built perfect online ticketing system. In recent years, Airline company strengthen the direct marketing efforts, the ticket agent commission rate decreased speedily, the growth size of future ticket booking market is limited, the proportion of the overall online travel market shows a slow decline. In the hotel Reservation market, different hotels offer different service experience, and the rate of commission level is high. Meanwhile, a large number of small hotels and other accommodation providers have not yet…
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