A Report On Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

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The factors that group two considers important to the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada will be using the weighted scoring model which is a system used to document decisions or solutions for management to make informed decisions taking into account all available options when it comes to resource allocation, (Carroll, Farr & Trainor, 2008). The group determined that the preferred cost of materials, labor, location, production capacity, quality and brand as the factors it considers important to the company’s success in Canada. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) leadership made a planned decision to establish its first Toyota operation outside Japan to make a Lexus model in North America. It decided on the fast-selling RX330 sports…show more content…
For example to support the launch of the first Lexus built outside Japan, there have been new suppliers, built plants in communities as well as the expansion of the suppliers base already there before TMMC moved into Canada. Additionally because of the lower Canadian dollar compared to the US Dollar, Canadian plants have shown two areas of high performance, which are quality and high productivity with the third point being cost competitiveness in the corporate income tax rate. Additionally flexibility, which is very important to Toyota’s Total Production (TPS), does not change volume by changing of plant layout but increases flexibility in overtime working and general manpower. This flexibility gives employees the ability to work about 48 hours a week if needed to meet demands of customers, (Smith, 2005). Exogenous factors The group determined that there are factors beyond its control such as material cost and labor, location is contributes to the external factors that affected its weighted benchmarks. In Canada the auto industry is still one of the highest paying fields and with Toyota’s
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