A Report On Vehicle Cloud Computing

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Abstract In this modernized technology and ever increasing need of human to have an easy life, people spend more time in commuting in vehicles. Cloud computing has been a significant area for building Vehicle Network due to its specific features and applications. Various technologies have been incorporated to maintain and promote Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Vehicle Cloud Computing is a new composite technology that has sensational significance on various applications using vehicle resources. For safe and faster commuting, an appropriate networking is essential. This includes, how and which way is best way to reach a prescribed destination. To add to the facilities and care of the commuter facilities as heart track can also be added to the vehicle. To avoid traffic areas and accident prone areas, Cloud computing plays a major role to decide and help to navigate. The presentation will deal with the phases of Vehicle Cloud and how intelligent the transportation can be for future real time applications. In this project we are proposing a three tier vehicle cloud architecture which is further characterized into Device level, Communication level and Service level. Keywords: Vehicle network, Intelligent Transportation System, Vehicle Cloud Computing, Cloud computing 1. Introduction One challenging issue to the road transportation system is the traffic congestion which causes heavy loss in terms of both finance and human life. As a way out to
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