A Report On Wal Mart

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I went to Wal-Mart today to pick up a few things...Big mistake. Instead of having a calm shopping experience, I feel like my blood pressure went up about a million notches. I found what I was looking for quickly enough, but then I decided to go over to the shoe department. Since I broke my favorite sandals the other day, I thought I might find a pair of replacements. And guess what? I found some very cute black flip flops with a tiny little 1 inch heel! And guess what else? They were on roll back for $5! I was so excited...until I saw that they didn 't have my size. The same thing happened to me at Nine West last fall. I found the cutest boots ever, but the largest size they had available was a 9. Today at Wal-Mart, they had tons of size 5-6 flip flops, which I think is strange because I 've never met an adult woman who wears a size 5. Even my friends who are 5"2 wear at least a 7. So, if you 're out there and you 're reading this and you wear a size 5, then speak up and prove me wrong. Also, upload a pic of your shoes so that I 'll believe you. Now, I know I have big feet. People constantly told me that when I was a kid. Hell, I was already wearing a size 10 in the sixth grade. As an adult, I wear an 11 or a 12, depending on the shoe. I am above average height (I 'm 5 '8), but I 've noticed that there are a lot of women who are much taller than I am, so I know that a size 11-12 shouldn 't be that rare. I think stores should order more of the larger sizes. I 'm willing to
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