A Report On Web Design

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Web Design Greg Crotty Report 1 In the following report I will give details on a few applications that you would use when you are creating your website. I will explain what are the advantages and the disadvantages of each are and I will give comparisons. There will also be some useful user recommendations. Ok let’s get started, first of all you need an application for creating a webpage and one that is widely used and one that I have chosen is Dreamweaver. It is a basic enough program but there are more advanced programmes out there. Being able to upload websites within seconds is very popular with users. The code screen is also quite easy on the eye for people used to creating websites that is, it could be a little daunting for newbies.…show more content…
Document sharing is also a useful tool, when you convert a Word document for example word 2016 into a Web page that authored content can be easily shared with others who may not have Word installed or who are using a limited network connection that cannot support opening or downloading a Word 2016 document in a Web browser. There is not many disadvantages that I can speak of. The one main disadvantage might be that there could be functionality issues when looking at your ms word file on a webpage and one minor issue with ms word documents is that only one user can edit at any one time. When coming up with ideas for a nice layout of your webpage then desktop publisher is probable a good place to start. It offers smart attractive ideas on how a document is going to turn out when adding pictures and text to you webpage. Newspapers and printing companies often use Microsoft publisher to print their projects. As this is the case this software would only be used on a part time basis for web design. The main disadvantage of desktop publisher would be the setup expense from the computer down to the laser printer and software and the high end publisher software’s are not cheap. Also the users need a good knowledge of the software especially for job positions that use desktop publisher on a daily basis. Another program which would be similar to Microsoft word is the notepad application.
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