A Report On Wolf Creek Ski

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As I begin my nightly preparation to go snowboarding at wolf creek ski a place that claims to get “The most snow in Colorado” I am ecstatic to go to a place that feels like my back yard. I work part time as a snowboard instructor which gives me the glory of getting a free season pass. Tomorrow is my day off which I love to freeride and be me. As I prepare I get my gear ready gloves, beanie, and snow pants and jacket, but more importantly my snowboard and my boots. I check the weather eager to expect fresh powder on a cool December day. As I am checking the weather the forecast calls for snowstorm weather warning, which as a snowboarder it feels like a gift that was sent from the sky as if the snow gods had answered my wish. To bed I go to get rest for a long day ahead of me. Beep! Beep! Beep! the sound I woke up to when I received an early morning notification telling me that that wolf creek has over three feet of snow and is still dumping. I quickly grab my keys and my gear, start my truck not even waiting on it to warm up. As I drive as fast as I possibly could on the steep and snowy road of wolf creek pass my truck still not warm, as I could see the fog my warm exhales or breath are making as it touches the cold air in my truck. I keep driving to get to the summit chain law is in effect, semi- drivers are pulled over to the side because they cannot continue or do not want to risk the danger of falling off the pass, plows trying to make ways for incoming cars.

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