A Report On Woolworths Company

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My chosen business that my report will be based on is the Woolworths company, known primarily in Australia for their supermarket’s and retail chains. Woolworths run several high profile Australian stores such as BWS, Dan Murphys, Big W and the highly publicized Masters. The reason for my choice of Woolworths was that as they are one of the biggest companies and employers in Australia, and have recently been in the media spotlight for the closing of one of the recent projects Masters. Another major reason as to my choice of Woolworths is that there supply-chain would be as interesting and extensive as any other Australian based company. With almost a thousand supermarkets Australia wide and over 100 thousand staff, Woolworths is one of the countries prominent employers (Woolworths limited 2012). An added incentive as to why I chose to do my report on Woolworths was that they are my current employer. I believe that by learning more about the current supply chain structure and management of the company that I do indeed work for, will give me a more detailed overview of the job that I am currently doing. By understanding more about the company you’re involved will hopefully keep me motivated and improve my work leading to a happier time whilst I am working (Gelles 2013 p.37). As a billion-dollar company, Woolworths would have to be very careful and deliberate with who and what there supply chain consists of. With the vast variety of social media and news sources in the current
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