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Zie Energy is one of the biggest retail businesses. It has acquired the Port Energy and William Energy retail business. It has shown significant growth in this business in last 15years. Due to growth in customers and increase in business processes It is facing different challenges but getting opportunities to grow further also. Need of technological advancement and integration has become prime priority of Zie Energy since 2012 when they first launched its Retail Transformation Project, which is still in stage of planning due to certain technical and logistical challenges. Now the management has decided to implement a new system and business processes to make sure that the transition from old separate systems to one integrated system is…show more content…
Therefore the needs and wants of customers are at prime level. Their satisfaction is our basic objective. Our customer service consultants should be well-trained to understand customers’ issues and help them to get solutions on the go with in no time without giving them more hassle. Australian Business Law: which includes Trade Practices Act and State Consumer Legislation are also assisting by protecting employees and customers rights at the same time these laws protects business operators. Contract Law is also guarding the rights and obligations of consumers and business operators. Australian Consumer Law: the Australian consumer law (ACL) is a national law which cover consumer protection and fair trading. It applies to all Australian businesses and in each state and territory. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: The ACCC is promoting competition and fair trade in Australian markets to benefit not only consumers and community but businesses also. They make sure that the consumers and businesses follow the Australian competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws. National Consumer Credit Protection Act: Australian national consumer credit protection act laws are protecting consumers at higher level. These laws cover home loans, personal loans, credit cards, consumer leases, pre-arranged over drafts and line of credit

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