A Report That Analysis Integrated Practices

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The increased level of competition in the market also increasing the demand of the quality and quantity of the company’s product. The incorporation of management theories along with the principles of integrated practices gives better results when it comes to firm productivity as well as performance. It is the duty of the human resource department that they hire the most skilled people in the industry who can bring the company in the competition. The process of strengthening the good and understanding relationship between the employer and their members of staff is the main goal of any company. Management theories are known for their ability to achieve all these while at the same time ensuring that firms remain in competition. The progress…show more content…
And it produces revenue of more than $600. Other than that, it employs 2000 scientists and technicians. The company produces over 210 generic drugs in 4000 dosages and fill over 89 million prescriptions a year. Its products can be found in every healthcare centers or pharmacies in Canada. It distributes drugs for number of diseases that include cancer, high cholesterol, infections, diabetes and bold pressure. People choose this company as their favorite choice because it is 45% more cheaper than any other drug company. (1cite The company export its drugs to 115 different countries around the world. This increase the sale of the company. It also manufactures fine chemicals, non-prescription, and disposable plastic for medical use. Research includes the development of both generic and innovative drugs. The huge spending on research that is over $115 million that makes it on top 20 companies in Canada. Apotex has spent over 36 years in the market. It has strong relationship with agencies that helps to develop strategies in the market. Apotex get success not only with its broad product portfolio but also by accepting the challenges of developing APIs and formulations, and patent challenges. This company has a wealth of resources that allow it to enjoy the most effective form of supply management. The monetary resource is used to produce and the enhance the good quality of the drugs. Apotex has population from different cultures which offers
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