A Report about Kuokkala School Jyvaskyla, Finland

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On the very first day we were accompanied by principal and different teachers. They had meeting with teachers of other schools about the students coming in next session from primary school to Kuokkala School. They discuss every individual student, family issues, their nature of study, problems they had or have and solutions in order to give awareness to the teachers in advance. During conversation with principal they repeatedly told us about unity of trust. First parents have firmly trust on teachers, teachers trust each other’s and they collaboratively solve problems because they are professionals. Principal also trust on teachers because he himself have been teacher before. Collaboration, mutual responsibility is very common where every person thinks his/her responsibility and fulfills it.
Second day was also with principal in question and answer session. Where responsibilities of principal, voice principal, assistance teacher, were discussed Principal told us that we teachers, principals, voice principals are same, we never feel about rank or status only responsibilities are different. Principal and voice principal have a lot of administrative work so they have less hours of teaching. Principals told us that principals of different schools…

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