A Report on At-Will Doctrine in Workplaces

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At-Will Doctrine This report covers a series of situations relative to an employee that is vicious and obviously abusing what the at-will doctrine stands for. The author is asked how to respond to each situation given the facts that surround the matter and the relevant law and other implications that are applicable to that situation. Situation One The first situation involves an employee who is apparently quite sure of her abilities and performance but this perception apparently is counter to reality and the actual perceptions of the manager(s) in question. She goes so far as to tell her boss that he is just wrong about his assessment of her and that she is not "appreciated". Despite her behavior, it is apparently quite clear that she is poorly trained or learned as it relates to her job and/or she simply refuses to follow the proper protocols. As for how to react to this situation, there are a few things that should be done. First, there should be exhaustive and complete documentation of her inability or unwillingness to do her job as requested and if her borderline-insubordination (the retort that she does her job just fine), that should be part of the portfolio. She should be pulled into a meeting with at least one witness besides the boss so that there is no "he said, she said" component to the situation. She should be told in plain and no uncertain terms that she is not performing to standard and she should be presented with clear examples of why that is proven
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