A Report on Buddhist and Christian Worldviews

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Buddhism and Christian Worldviews: Buddhism Worldview: Buddhism is a religion that began in India approximately 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. Since Buddha wrote nothing about the religion, most of the Buddhist texts emerged 150 years after his death and during a period with several divisions among people of this faith. The task of categorizing the foundation of Buddhism is remarkably difficult because of the developing and adaptability of the religion's accounts. However, similar to other religion, Buddhism has an influence on worldview, especially in countries where it has been enjoined to the social and political life. The foundation of this religion is based on the perception that every life is suffering since each individual is subject to the strains of birth, sickness, ruin, and death. The main cause of this suffering is attributed to a person's bodily desires and the desire for individual fulfillment. On the contrary, happiness can only be accomplished if the personal desires are overcome through the eight step path. In relation to the question on origin, Buddhism believes that the world functions through natural law and power instead of divine command. This is primarily because the Buddhist worldview is essentially monistic i.e. it denies the existence of Lord and personal creator. With regards to meaning or purpose, the Buddhist worldview states that humans are worthless and have a temporal existence only. In
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