A Report on Otobi

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This report has been prepared for Mr. Syed Munir Khasru, Instructor of Business Communication
Course (C102). The report takes a look at the various operations of Otobi Limited, its present position in the furniture industry and its future prospects.

1.1 Objectives

The aim of the report is to: ▪ Understand the condition of Otobi Limited in the present furniture industry. ▪ Relate the position of Otobi to its financial success. ▪ Analyze the marketing strategies of the company. ▪ Analyze the effectiveness of the company’s promotional techniques. ▪ Recommend some steps that can assist the company. ▪ Apply the concepts learnt in the business communication course

1.2 Scope

The group has
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While manufacturing a wardrobe from pure teak that costs around Tk.30 000, a closet manufactured from modified wood would actually only cost you between Tk.18 000 and Tk. 20 000. All these illustrate that furniture making is emerging as a profitable industry in this country.
In fact plastic-made furniture actually emerges in consistencies ranging from hard and inflexible to soft and rubbery. They are gradually replacing natural substances such as wood and are not only lightweight but they are also easy to clean and capable of being rendered very strong. Plastic furniture started to be manufactured on a much wide scale in the 1980s and has gradually become very popular. They are remarkably durable. In the furniture industry, the largest use of plastic is in the form of laminated sheets.
The development of indigenous plastic furniture in Bangladesh has been in association with imports of readymade plastic commodities from Germany, Malaysia, India and some other countries. A good number of enterprises have been established in the country in the last two decades. The large ones are located mainly in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.
On the other hand, steel or metallic furniture is made of an alloy or mixture of iron or metals. It was after the 1980s, that steel or metallic furniture started to appear on a wide scale and within a few years it overwhelmed all

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