A Report on Politics of the 1990s: Persian Gulf War

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Persian Gulf War On August 2, 1990, Iraq leader Saddam Hussein ordered the invason of the neighboring country kuwait. The reason for this invasion was to steal the rich oil that was in the land. During this invasion President George H. W. Bush declared that the war in Kuwait "will not stand." A day after the declaration, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia met with U.S. Defense Secretary Richard Cheney to request military assistance. Saudi Arabia, japan, and other wealthy allies would be funded $60 billion for there losses and damages. August 8, 1990 U.S. air force fighters were in Saudi Arabia. By 1991 the United States alone had 50,000 troops. On February 26, 1991 Saddam ordered the withdrawal from Kuwait. About 10,00 retreating troops were killed when Caoliton aircraft bombed their stolen military vehicles. Finally, George H. W. Bush announced to ceased fire and that Kuwait had been free from Iraq occupation.
Famous People
Bill Clinton Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. He graduated from Geargetown and got a degree in law. After getting his degree in law, Bill went back to Arkansas to teach law at the Unviversity of Arkansas. In 1974 he campaigned for congress but was not elected. 2 years later he was elected Arkansas Attorney General. In 1975 Bill married Hillary Rodham who he met during law school and 5 years later they had their only child Chelsea. Bill lost the reelection in 1980 but regained the governship two years later and
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