A Report on Research on Consumer Perception on Big Bazaar (Kacheguda)

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A report on Research on
Consumer Perception on Big Bazaar (Kacheguda)

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the
M.B.A Degree Summer Training

Registration NO – 11010274


I hereby declare that this research report entitled “Customer perception towards Big Bazaar, (Kacheguda)” is a record of independent work carried out by me towards partial fulfillment of the requirements of the MBA degree Course, Lovely Professional University at Punjab.

Place : Hyderabad P.Deekshith
Date : Reg.No:11010274


This is to acknowledge the management of Big Bazaar for having permitted me to under go my research report as part of MBA course.

I am
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Retail industry in India is at the crossroads. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. But because of the heavy initial investments required, break even is difficult to achieve and many of these players have not tasted success so far.

However, the future is promising; the market is growing, government policies are becoming more favorable and emerging technologies are facilitating operations. Retailing in India is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry.

The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of format and consumer buying behavior, ushering in a revolution in shopping in India. Modern retail has entered India as seen in sprawling shopping centers, multi-storied malls and huge complexes offer shopping, entertainment and food all under one roof. The Indian retailing sector is at an inflexion point where the growth of organized retailing and growth in the consumption by the Indian population is going to take a higher growth trajectory. The Indian population is witnessing a significant change in its demographics.

A large young working population with median age of 24 years, nuclear families in urban areas, along with increasing workingwomen population and emerging opportunities in the services sector are going to be the key growth drivers of the organized

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