A Report on Syria

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Syria Introduction Syria, also officially known as Syrian Arab Republic, is located in West Asia. Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Iraq are its immediate neighbors whereas Mediterranean Sea is on its west. The country's capital and largest city is Damascus ("Syria," 2012). Population The population in Syria is young and rapidly increasing. A good number of the people are descendants of Arabs and speak Arabic which is also the official language of the country. Kurds is the principal minority whereas the Armenians, Turks, Circassians and Assyrians are other marginal groups. Nearly seventy five percent of the population is Sunni Muslims. The Greek Orthodox, the Armenian Orthodox, and the Syrian Orthodox are the prevalent Christian groups and cover about ten percent of the population ("Syria," 2012). Culture and Society The Syrian society is recognized for its hospitality, warmth and generosity. The travelers and tourists from Western countries forget their predetermined thoughts about Syria being a 'rogue state' once they find themselves being welcomed by the kind Syrians. Despite the fact that most Syrians may have an extreme dislike for a number of Western governments' actions, they are sensible enough to differentiate between the government and the people. On the other hand, while Syrians are friendly and hospitable, they can be a little reticent and uncommunicative on a quantity of issues, for instance on the actions of the Syrian government. Word
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