A Report on the Chinese Media

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China Media Media creates identities and presents them to the public who is merely a bunch of receptors within the society. These people can be molded in whatever ideology or mindset and thus are open to different opinions. In other words, the majority of the people don't have much knowledge beyond the scope of the media. Not everyone goes on the journey of finding out what the real truth is or what is happening in their government. Thus, for these people, the media is the first hand and only resource to inform them about the present condition and the future predictions about their country. Thus we see that media not only sends out ideological messages to the public but media systems actually make and exacerbate the ideological frameworks present in a society. It has been seen that with continuous exposure, media tends to have an influence on identity, beliefs and personal value.. Even though values, identity and beliefs are controlled by other factors like schools, teachers, friends and family, media does play a significant role in setting values. The content of a media in a country can give rise to a value or a feeling which can then adapt to the cultural environment in that region. Due to this reason, social comparisons are created that lead to ideological change in a community and a nation in the long wrong. It should be noted that economic theory influences political ideologies and these ideologies are then portrayed through the media. Whenever a government is in
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