A Report on the Management of Change

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Report on the Management of Change Part One: Case study 1. Introduction At the beginning of 2012, Martin Scott, the CEO and half owner of Alhambra Software Solutions, reflected on the situation of the company. He was proud that the organization had followed an ascendant path throughout the previous years, and had not been hit by the devastating effects of the internationalized economic crisis. Alhambra Software Solutions had registered tremendous increases in employees, revenues, as well as customers served and projects completed. From the outside, it all looked impressive and the company seemed flawless. Still, Scott was worried by the fact that two of his senior software developers had handed in their resignations that morning. Michael Tors and Janine Moss had been with the company since its early stages; they had grown within Alhambra Software Solutions ever since they had graduated from university, to this day, when they are reputable and valuable senior developers. The decisions of Tors and Moss intrigued the chief executive officer, who had always believed that the firm had created a positive working environment for its employees. Still, looking back, he now realizes that Tors and Moss were not the single senior software developers who left the firm. In fact, there were several seniors that had left the company in the past year, and if he recollects well the majority of the new people hired, were mainly junior developers. Reflecting on the situation,
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