A Report on the Marketing Plan: Zips Dry Cleaners

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Marketing Plan: Zips Dry Cleaners Executive Summary Zips Dry Cleaners is considering an expansion in the Washington, D.C. area. Currently, Zips is a small cleaners, and operates mostly in Maryland. The company also has a minor presence in Virginia and one location in Washginton, D.C. The plan for Zips is to add fluff and fold service at $1.00 per pound to go along with their service of dry cleaning at $1.99 per item. The main goal here, therefore, is the service extension. In order to extend services appropriately, Zips will need a strong marketing plan and the consideration of many different factors. The environment into which Zips will be moving is known by the company to some degree, but because Zips only has one location in that area, there is much about the Washington, D.C. market of which Zips is still unaware. With that in mind, an analysis of the environment must be undertaken by the company. Additionally, a SWOT analysis is necessary to determine what Zips will be up against as it focuses on moving into the Washington, D.C. market with its fluff and fold service. Whether $1.00 per pound is a profitable price and the competition that Zips will be up against are both very important, along with who Zips will be targeting and how they plan to get their message to those who would be interested in it. In a time when most people do their own laundry, having fluff and fold service may seem unnecessary. However, there are still many people who get their dry cleaning

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