A Report on the Need of Improved Communication in the Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice Integration: The criminal justice system forms vital part of America's democratic system of government as it helps preserve the peaceful and orderly functioning of society. It serves to balance the protection and security of the overall community and the preservation of the civil liberties and freedoms of individuals. It also provides justice both for criminals and victims of crimes by ensuring offenders are tried and prosecuted through a fair trial. This is important as one of the fundamental theories of America's criminal justice system is that one is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt ("U.S. Criminal Justice System", n.d.). The criminal justice system functions by the cooperation of various key agencies including federal and state courts, federal and private investigators, private security firms, police departments, institutional and community corrections programs ("The Structure", n.d.). Crimes committed within state boundaries are handled by state criminal justice systems, whereas crimes committed on federal property or in more than one state are handled by the federal criminal justice system ("The Criminal Justice System", 2008). The mandate of private security is to identify, prevent, examine and report offenses and only have authority to make citizens arrests before handing them over to law enforcement officers. Community corrections are non-prison sanctions imposed by a court for minor offenses or juveniles'
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