A Research And Articles Addressing The Growing Generation Y

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Introduction The steady research and articles addressing the growing Generation Y, also known as Millennials, ranges from leadership styles, effective communication, career expectations, multi-generational work environments, relationships with supervisors and retention. Many studies conclude similar findings such as Millennials prefer a more personal leadership style, want rapid career advancement, transparency in organizational behavior and ethics, and a work/life balance in order to remain in the organization. Several theories discussed how to address these issues ranging from theory integration, positive reinforcement, ABC analysis, etc. However, none of the theories discusses token economies for Millennials and the effectiveness its…show more content…
For example, information technology is a trade/skilled occupation and those who advance in this field introduce new and innovative techniques, algorithms, or designs. Those who do not are still skilled employees even with little experience. However, an industry in public or social services is more experienced based. A democratic leadership style would not be effective in public services, especially with the rules, regulations, and laws dictating the boundaries to which the employees must remain. Integration of Behavioral Theories. Organizations continue to suggest more behavioral strategies in the workplace. Behavioral management has started making its way to the forefront of business administration studies and specifically in organizational leadership. More colleges and universities are creating and providing organizational behavior management (OBM). These strategies can be customized for their industry and depend upon consistency to be effective. Deal, J. (2010) provided a theoretical framework for the integration of behavioral methods for organizations with multigenerational employees. Behavioral methods can be applied equally across all employees without having to alter leadership styles to be effective. ABC Analysis. The first step for an organizational management team would be to observe and record organizational behavior. If behavioral strategies are going to be used to modify employee’s behavior every team leader must understand why
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