A Research Argument Paper While Having A Bad Week

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Abdullah Almughyirah Gloria Spalter Research Argument July 16, 2015 How to Write a Research Argument Paper While Having a Bad Week When college students find out that they have a lengthy research argument paper due within a week, usually they tend to freak out, especially if they have other things going on in their busy schedules and don’t have much time to spare. College students are not only busy with college, outside the campus they are just as busy with various other activities and jobs and are exposed to everyday chaos just as everyone else. For instance, you’re the one who was just assigned the paper. You get out of class and are already thinking about how you are going to find time to get everything done. You are finished with school so you go to work for about five or six hours and then off to home it is. Once you arrive at home and are feeling worn out, you decide to at least start something on the paper so you aren’t waiting till the last minute and frantically panicking. However, you wish you didn’t try to start because your roommate didn’t pay the internet bill. If that sounds a little like you, don’t fret. This simple, but dire five step process will ensure you make a great success on the paper and also make it through the week. These five important steps, are needed to be followed in order and are as; step one is day one-Coming to terms, step two is day two- Take a position and gather evidence, step three is day three-Present both sides of the story, step
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