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Before reading this article, I must admit that I was not educated on the available options for men living with HIV to conceive biological children. I always thought that they were limited to adoption and the use of a sperm donors. I never though that an HIV positive person could have sex with an HIV negative person without transferring the infection. I’ve always known that a person’s viral load played a part in they’re ability to transfer the virus, but I still wondered what person in their right mind would take the chance of contracting such a horrible disease. I knew that condoms provided some protection from contracting the disease, but again, who would take the chance of catching HIV. So, for me the thought of an HIV- discordant couple producing a biological child was unheard of, but after reading this article, my opinion has been changed. Article Summary The main topic of this article focused on HIV-discordant couples that have a desire to conceive biological children. It focused on the fact that limited clinic in North America offered or provided fertility treatment to HIV-discordant couples (Newmeyer, Tecimer, Jaworsky, Chihrin, Gough, Rachlis, Martin, Mohammed, and Loutfy, 2011). This article summarized some of the discrimination and negative perceptions of HIV positive people, it also discussed a study done in Ontario, Canada that followed 12 HIV-discordant couples who wanted to conceive biological children. In these 12 couples the men were the HIV positive

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