A Research Article On Women

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Background Women have owned and managed businesses for centuries, but the first scholarly article focused on women-owned businesses (Gartner, 1985) did not appear in the literature until 1976 (Jennings & Brush, 2013). Early scholars seem to have assumed that all business owners were essentially the same, and groups of small business owners did not require different research (Achtenhagen & Welter, 2011). Over the past 10 years in the United States, the rate of new business formation by women has outpaced that of men and other minority groups (Powell & Eddleston, 2013). The increase in women business ownership has also increased the amount of research focused on women small business owners (Avolio, 2011). Some researchers have sought to understand why the businesses owned by women generate 25% lower profits than the average businesses in the United States (Small Business Administration [SBA], 2012). Further research focusing on how women run their businesses to increase profitability could support the improved profits of additional women small business owners (Marlow & McAdam, 2013).
Women small business owners may have motivations and decision-making processes that require distinctive financial strategies when running a business (Powell & Eddleston, 2013). Women may desire a work-family balance and to obtain this balance may need distinctive financial strategies. In addition, financial decisions made by women business owners may have significant positive implications on the
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