A Research Assignment For Mcdonald 's S

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Research assignment for McDonald’s


Why we chose McDonald’s

Out of three major business enterprises, the best info that we found was on McDonald’s. For that reason, we decided to focus on McDonald’s for this assignment. We did some preliminary research and came up with some main issues that are pertinent to this business enterprise.
Main issues pertinent to McDonald’s
Mc-Spotlight (2015) had launched a campaign asking what is wrong with McDonald’s. Four of the main issues stated by the campaign were the promotion of unhealthy food, the exploitation of workers, an outbreak of food poisoning, the environmental damage done by the business enterprise, and many more.
Promotion of unhealthy food
It is said that the food at McDonald’s is promoted as being nutritious, however what is really being served by McDonald’s is junk food - foods exceedingly high in sugar, fat and salt, and reasonably low in fibre and vitamins.
Food Safety
The quality of McDonald’s food has often criticized. Being high in sugar, salt and fat, the food is far from healthy. The business has tried to address this issue by adding healthier food options such as salads and yogurt to the menu. However, a recent scandal in China, were there are reports of expired and condemned meat being used and severed to customers has severely tarnished the company’s already poor reputation (The Economist 2015). This event also saw a massive drop in Sales in Asia as customers reacted to the scandal (Jones

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