A Research Assignment On Mental Health Services

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The area of research which would be used in this research assignment is Mental Healthcare services. In our society and daily life some Men and Women of different age groups face a lot of difficulties and phases which cause them serious psychiatric diseases, such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia. Reasons of these problems are stress, depression, family problems. After facing these incidents they become sensitive and stressed. There are different causes of mental illnesses for example Heredity (Genetics), Biological reasons, Psychological trauma, Environmental stressors. Patient who is facing mental illness, like many chronic illnesses, requires ongoing treatment. As a result, many patients who face any mental conditions can be effectively treated with some therapies for example Medication, Psychotherapy, Group therapy and Hypnotherapy (www.medicine.net.co.uk).

For the reasons mentioned, mental health services and psychiatric wards been set up and eventually replaced the older methods of psychotherapies. Because the situations of the patients they need extra care concerning their mental, physical, and emotional health. The management and supervision that patients get in mental health services, play a very vital role in their lives and also very highly intrinsic. The research project would be based on the topic “Mental Healthcare Services”. Task 2: Research Proposal
Mental Healthcare provide services which help in intensifying and
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