A Research At Lowe 's Home And Improvement

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I decided to do my research at Lowe’s Home and Improvement. Lowe’s Home and Improvement is a hardware store that sales everything from your basic household appliances to minor cleaning supplies. Lowe’s believes that in order to maintain great customer service they feel that they must follow these simple rules: Provide customers with environmentally-responsible products, packaging and services at everyday low prices, educate and engage employees, customers and others on the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste and recycling, review and communicate progress made toward achieving established goals and objectives, and to engage on public policy issues related to sustainability. In this report I will discuss how I observed two…show more content…
She made sure to explain to him how she got the solution for the color she needed and once she got the formula she showed it to him and then took him down the aisle with her and showed him the exact paints that were needed in order to create the color that he wanted. She made sure to maintain eye contact and professionalism while dealing with him. As she was working with him another customer arrived at the paint counter and she greeted that person and immediately notified them that she would be over to help them as soon as she was done with her current customer. As soon as she finished up with her first customer she kept her word and went right over to the customer that arrived as she was finishing up the first customer. This second customer was a Caucasian male, who looked to be 50+ and he spoke English as well. This particular customer wanted to correct some paint that he had mixed the day before. She asked the customer what was the exact color he was looking for and he showed her a picture that he had. She received the picture from him and stated that she was going to go over and try to see if she could get the correct formula for the color he needed. He asked her what could be done if she was not able to correct the already made color that he has received that day before
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