A Research Design For Solar Electric Bicycle Report

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A Research Design for Solar Electric Bicycle Report ABSTRACT The research about solar electric bike is an upgrading of an electric or human powered bike to a much more advanced one that uses solar power out of technological improvement in the utilization of green energy. Solar electric bike involve the use of an electric motor that gets energy supply from the photovoltaic panel (PV). The photovoltaic panels ends up mounted and installed on the bicycle with consideration of the wind force effect, bike balance and the cyclists’ comfort. The technique involves the use of an electric motor that is small for easy connection and transport. Rechargeable batteries end up used in the process of solar energy storage by the help of a connected solar collector. The collected solar energy undergoes conversion into electric power and stored in the rechargeable batteries. The battery operates with the connection to a DC motor in providing the electrical power for driving the motor to give mechanical energy that propels the bike. 1.0 Introduction Research and technological advancement has led to innovation of different bikes in the world today ranging from the human powered normal bicycles that requires pedaling, motorbike that uses fuel and electric bikes that uses electric power. The existing bike types have weaknesses and disadvantages, a situation that calls for coming up with a more advanced bike. The use of a solar powered bike turns out an option towards solving the

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