A Research Experiment On Animal Research

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Here is the situation. You have to choose a cure for your own child 's illness or the life of an animal. What are your thoughts right now? The cure or the animal? That cure you need for your child 's’ illness was tested on animals in a biomedical research experiment. Hearing this might change someone 's mind about animal research. Most people would choose the cure for their child and forget about the animal. The process of biomedical animal research is beneficial to the process of medical research and should be used in the experimental process.
Animals themselves are very similar to humans both physically and mentally. With them being so similar to us, we would be missing a big opportunity by not using them to our advantage. There is a high possibility that a cure for their own diseases, will also be a cure for man 's diseases. In her book, Opening Skinner’s Box, Lauren Slater writes “ Moving up the phylogenetic scale, we are approximately ninety-eight percent orangutan or approximately ninety-nine percent chimpanzee…” (136). In making this statement Slater is commenting on how similar we are to monkeys genetically. Monkeys, are one of the most common animals used for biomedical testing, along with rats because they are almost identical to the human genetics. Knowing how close these animals are to us is something that we as people need to take advantage of and use to help get to the bottom of these illnesses that wreck havoc on people 's lives. However, just because these
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