A Research For Training Development Essay

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1.) Collaborated Research for Training Development
YCWL Gender Empowerment department staff as well as current volunteers will collaborate with various women’s empowerment organizations to develop curriculum tailored to the women in Paynesville. YCWL Gender Empowerment staff has conducted a needs assessment to identify the areas of interest of the girls Paynesville. Girls in Charge has contacted various women’s empowerment organizations who have provided workshop designs and information of the subjects being covered in the Girls in Charge workshops. YCWL Gender Empowerment staff and volunteers will use the following resources as a guide to design workshops that are culturally relevant and address the needs of the women and girls in Paynesville.
- Valley Trauma Center of Southern California has provided training workshops for advocates working with survivors of domestic violence.
- Dove Self-Esteem workshops will be adjusted to fit the cultural aspects of Liberian women.
- Let Girls Lead has provided policy advocacy workshops for women and girls, focused on community leadership.
- Girls Action Foundation’s Amplify Toolkit will be used as a guide in designing workshops for girls and women.
2.) Leadership Training
- The YCWL gender empowerment staff and volunteers will compile the information gained from the collaboration efforts to develop the training to be implemented in the 6 communities of Paynesville. They will train 15 YCWL volunteers who have participated or
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