A Research Information On A Target Population Through The Process Of Conducting Rapport Style Interview

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A qualitative focus group provides a mean to collect qualitative information on a target population through the process of conducting rapport style interview (Carlsen & Glenton, 2011; Cohen & Crabtree, 2006). There are several advantages to a focus group. As it allows the researcher to obtain new research information, discover sensitive subject matters that would otherwise be overlooked, find subthemes to categorized their main research topics, and provides a quick turnaround time to gather up research information (Cohen & Crabtree, 2006; Laureate Education, 2014b). The disadvantage of focus group like the one viewed in the video, it does not give all members of the group an equal amount of time to express their concern or rationales. Such will require additional strategies to engage the 'quiet ones ' to yield their ‘voices’ by directing questions towards them to answer (Laureate Education, 2014b). Another disadvantage is that if the moderator does not conduct the focus group appropriately, it can quickly get off topic and lose focus (Laureate Education, 2014b).

Regarding the research question, the topic does not seem to be linked with the focus group discussion dialogues. Likewise, the moderator presented several other conflicting questions that do not up hold or target the research topic needing answers. The original opening questions that of asking about some of the barriers for the women to go for their breast cancer screen did not quite appeal directly

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