A Research On A Surrogacy Contract

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A surrogacy contract is a document signed by two people or parties that agree with traditional or gestational surrogacy; one party receives monetary compensation while the other receives a child. Currently there is a sharp increase in the number of foreign inquiries to India in pursuit of finding women willing to be a surrogate (Gentleman, p.2). This can be seen as taking advantage of a poverty loomed country as the money is hard for these impoverished women to turn away (Gentleman, p.3). The surrogacy market is estimated to bring in $445 million annually to India and is expected to grow as news of the success stories become known (Warner, p.2). In the US the cost of surrogacy is approximately $75,000 to $80,000 per pregnancy, however in India, where commercial surrogacy is legal the price comes to around $25,000 (Sandel, p.100). The Indian surrogate will receive about $7,500 for their services, which is many times their potential annual income (Sandel, p.100). Surrogacy raises questions about the market’s ethical limits due to the belief that affluent consumers are exploiting economically challenged women’s reproductive systems in exchange for money, which Sandel criticizes as being degrading or dehumanizing (Sandel, p.96). Sandel objects to surrogacy contracts or “reproductive outsourcing” because he believes “treating babies and pregnancy as commodities degrades them, or fails to value them appropriately” meaning the market of surrogacy and surrogacy contracts are
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