A Research On Alternative Dispute Resolution

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APPENDIX 1: A RESEARCH ON: alternative dispute resolution:a new trend in civil disputes resolution BY: ADETUNMBI WURAOLA FIWASEWA Being a research project to be submitted to the law department of Bridge House College In partial fufilment of the requirements for the award of certification in the University Foundation Programme CERTIFICATION This is to certify that this project work was written by Wuraola Adetunmbi Fiwasewa under the supervision of Barrister Boye Gbajulaye ------------------------- ----------------------------- ------------- Name of supervisor Supervisors signature Date DEDICATION This project work is dedicated to God and to my family.…show more content…
ADR can also be defined as looking for substitute ways to solving cases other than the court. It is no surprise that ADR has become a new trend in civil dispute resolution; in the early 2000s, ADR techniques were being used more and more, as parties and lawyers and courts realized that these techniques could often help them resolve legal disputes quickly and cheaply and more privately than could conventional litigation. Moreover, many people preferred ADR approaches because they saw these methods as being more creative and more focused on problem solving than litigation, which has always been based on an adversarial model. Lawyers involed in the use of ADR,as a way of settling cases have goals whichhave to be achieved; 1. improve a cordial relationship between industries 2. increase face-to-face discussions between stakeholders, leading to local solutions for local problems. 3. ensure efficient use of everyone’s time and resources. 4.Resolve disputes without the cases reaching the court. There are five main processes by which disputes may be resolved by parties other than litigation.These processes are: 1.NEGOTIATION:According to Obi Okoye,negotiation is a problem solving process in which two or more people discuss their differences and attempt to reach a joint decision on their own on their common concerns.Solicitors,Lee and Marie also defined negotiation as including all cases in which two or more parties are communicating each for a purpose of
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