A Research On Animal Assisted Therapy

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In 2011 it was found that about 30% of college students reported feeling “so depressed it was difficult to function” (Depression and College Students 1).
83% of soldiers have been in situations that threatened their lives. 40% of these soldiers suffer from psychological illness (McPhee). The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs estimates PTSD affects ¼ of troops returning from the Middle East; about 300,000 men and women (Harris 4). Many veterans have reintegration issues. Veterans can’t relate to their surroundings when they return home (McPhee).
The amount of people in the US with dementia shows the increase of dementia with age. Five percent of those age 71-79, 24% of those age 80-89, and 37% for those age 90 and over (Facts About Dementia: Overview).
The general research done for Animal Assisted Therapy can be applied to a more specific type, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (Shultz 17). The abbreviation for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is EAP (Harris 2). EAP is a specialized form of psychotherapy using the horse as a therapeutic tool (Schultz 265).
Wyatt Webb is a therapist in Tucson, Arizona. Webb does not believe in replacing traditional therapy methods, only adding to what already exists (Webb 2). Equine Assisted Psychotherapy was created from a combination of Gestalt therapy, Reality therapy and Rational Emotive therapy. Reality therapy plays a large role in EAP It focuses on what the person can actually control (Schultz 25,27). EAP meets several mental
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