A Research On Artificial Intelligence

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The definition of AI is a machine programmed to think, process information, and act in a human-like way. Artificial Intelligence has many uses across many fields, especially in the field of Medicine. Early on in the field, many scientists and doctors believed that robots controlled by sophisticated AI would be able to surpass clinicians. “With such motivations, a small but talented community of computer scientists and healthcare professionals set about shaping a research program for a new discipline called Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM). These researchers had a bold vision of the way AIM would revolutionize medicine, and push forward the frontiers of technology.” (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: An Introduction)
Today, the importance of diagnosis as a task requiring computer support in routine clinical situations receives much less emphasis. So, despite the focus of much early research on understanding and supporting the clinical encounter, expert systems today are more likely to be found used in clinical laboratories and educational settings. They’re often used for clinical surveillance, or in data-rich setting like intensive care. One of the most important tasks now facing developers of AI-based systems is to accurately characterize aspects of medical practice that are best suited to the introduction of artificial intelligence systems. The complex systems we see today are not going to replace doctors, but merely assist them. There has been many
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