A Research On Biomedical Engineering

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Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve demonstrated my desire to help others. If there was a fellow toddler crying, I would share my toys in an attempt to calm them down. As I grew up, my desire to help others expanded from sharing toys to tutoring other students or providing service to the surrounding community. By the time college applications rolled around, I had also developed a love of science, in addition to my desire to be helpful. I found myself scanning the list majors that different colleges had to offer, eventually stumbling upon biomedical engineering. Initially, I knew very little about the field, assuming they mostly worked with prosthetics. However, as I did more research into the major, I learned biomedical engineers create devices beyond prosthetics, such as machines to replace a working heart or more efficient medical equipment. This major also allowed for the flexibility of attending medical school, another career aspiration I have had since I was little. So without hesitation, I was able to put biomedical engineering as my intended major on my college applications. It was not until I came to the University of Michigan that my confidence in my major began to waver. I asked myself, “Do I really know what biomedical engineers do? What concentration should I pursue if I also hope to attend medical school?” These were questions that floated in my mind until I interviewed Professor Zhen Xu Ph.D. Similar to all other stories, I asked her to begin at the
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