A Research On Biometrics And Wireless Technique

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Abstract— The main purpose of the paper is assembling and developing an iris recognition system in order to verify uniqueness of the human eye of faculty in a college for attendance management system. This system based on biometrics and wireless technique solves the problem of spurious attendance and the trouble of laying the corresponding network. Here biometric recognition is performed with respect to iris because of its unique biological properties. The iris is unaffected by external environmental factors and remains stable over time. It can make the college staff attendance management more easy and effective. This paper includes image acquisition, the preprocessing system, segmentation, feature extraction and recognition.

Keywords— Iris recognition; preprocessing system; segmentation; feature extraction.

Traditionally college staff attendance management methods were based on physical key, ID card, password, etc. In all the above mentioned methods there are high chances of keys getting lost, forgery or passwords may be forgotten. Due to these shortcomings and requirement for high level of security have led to development of personal identification on next level using biometrics. Biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. It is used to identify individuals in a group that ae under surveillance. Within few seconds biometric recognition is able to compare thousands of records. Biometrics are of various kinds. Iris, facial, fingerprint
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