A Research On Change Management

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Introduction In the literature review an existing research on change management in healthcare to support identification prioty for affecting change in Canadian healthcares. The main aim was to support mien son Centre center for Business Research in health care change management for healthcare policy workshop that is being done through funding from Canadian Institute of health Research Planning Grant. The workshop main goal is the interaction between queen Faculty of health sciences and school of policy studies that acquires knowledge all challenges facing health care system. In key sector stakeholders that are meant to develop vision for partner oriented research on health care policy reform. The research consists of review of literature in change management health care and business. The search terms include change management health care, change health and it can be managed and change management health. There is need for change in Canada for the health care system. The health care was originally estimated to amount to 8.1% but it grew to 11% of GDP. Canada had been recorded the largest number of adults waiting in emergency department for many hours while waiting to receive treatment in emergency treatment. For the specialists treatment only 41% awaits treatment for over two months, 7 % greater than the second ranked country. Because Canada rank last in terms of value for money. Improved efficiency of managing Canada health care must be found. The complication
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