A Research On Climate Change

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Should the studies on climate change possess validity, then numerous human activities have altered the atmosphere of the Earth for the worse. Several among these activities categorize under the macrocosm of transportation. As a species, the human race continues to create and produce, which may contain threatening consequences based on these reports. Inside the category of transportation, every subcategory seems to partake in this, including automobiles, aircrafts, shipping, and railways, among countless others. Fortunately, various people and organizations have attempted to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases, or GHGs, in transportation-related technology and energy. When it comes to paying for these eco-friendly additions,…show more content…
These fuels can take multiple shapes and forms, from coal to gas to oil. As the primary sources for fuel, fossil fuels run nearly everything, ranging from houses to vehicles to electricity. Unfortunately, this would explain why fossil fuels hold a responsibility for human-caused climate change, as they power a significant number of GHG emitting methods of transportation. When it comes to climate change, transportation has appeared to have a massive impact. Based on reports in 2013 from the US Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, transportation has created 27% of the emissions, next to electricity at 31%. Despite not contributing the largest amount of emissions, the category, according to the EPA, has increased further than any other sector from 1990 to 2013. Of the subcategories in transportation, lightweight vehicles have appeared to emit the majority of the greenhouse gases at 60%. This sector is rivaled only by medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles at 23%. In addition to the different fossil fuels that emit GHGs in the atmosphere, different types of gases are used. The leading gas is carbon dioxide, or CO2, with a whopping 96% of the emissions. The closest competitor is hybrid-fiber coaxials at 3%, based on the EPA’s reports. In addition, different types of transportation have appeared to affect the environment in different ways. In the sector of automobiles, the climate could be affected in different categories, from
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