A Research On Computer Use Policy

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Computer Use Policy
Establishing a policy to maximize the productivity of employees while safeguarding the institution’s property is important in creating a safe computing environment. By investing time in developing a policy that will guide users to properly conduct the use of computer equipment while participation in ethical and moral conduct is essential in every workplace. Computer use does not only affect employees and administrators but anyone who engages in its use, including students.
The advancement of technology and the use of computers today have opened many doors to a world of information via the internet. With such resources available to us, it comes to no surprise that there is a need to develop a policy regarding its use. While technology can be a useful resource in school as well as the workplace, establishing rules and regulations is essential in maintaining a healthy school and workplace environment. Computer networks rely on the safe use of computers in order to maintain an active service to all those who are connected to share and obtain information. Computer use policies are generally in place to help both the user and network administrator keep up with the demands of maintaining a computer network. Using computers inappropriately can have devastating consequences due to viruses and privacy invasion. School administrators may also have concerns regarding the productivity of employees when using computers for other than the assigned
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