A Research On Environmental Management And Conservation

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The following annotated bibliography covers a breath of topics under the major topic theme Environmental Management and Conservation. It was created as a starting point for building my knowledge of GIS tools used in environmental management and conservation for my concept map. The authors present an exploratory study using purposive testing among four different groups (scientist, non-scientist, agency manager and social scientist) included in the Coastal Landscape Analysis Modelling Study (CLAMS) in Western Oregon. CLAMS combines remote sensing with web base surveys. It was found that each participant had differing perspectives of the use of GIS to analyse and display natural resource data. For instances scientist believe that there is power in access to privileged knowledge such as data and GIS tools, giving rise to issues concerning credibility of maps produced using GIS as maps tend to be viewed as truth. I find this article beneficial to help build my knowledge of public involvement in Environmental Management and Conservation as many articles I have read are trending towards open source GIS and Public Participation GIS. It is also useful to get a grasp of the pros and cons of this topic. In an attempt to reduce the issues surrounding the limitations of information and data for decision makers. The authors sort to make an open source database for coastal and ocean ecosystem-based management. To achieve this geographical, biological and socio economic data was collected
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